Andy Lau enjoys working with Jean Reno

11 Aug - "It was like meeting an old friend."

That's what Andy Lau said about his co-star of his new movie, "The Adventurers", French actor Jean Reno, of whom he never worked with prior to the movie.

In an interview with Tencent recently, Andy shared that he first came to know Reno from the actor's hit titular 1994 movie, "Léon: The Professional", and that the chance to work with the actor never crossed his mind before.

"It is strange though, because on the first day we met, we chatted like old friends. We talk about life and about work. I quite appreciate his attitude towards life. He enjoys it," said Andy.

When asked whether it was his or director Stephen Fung's idea to cast Reno in the movie, Andy said it was producer Terence Chang who suggested that they should find Europe's biggest actor if they are filming in the continent.

As to whether they had a good cooperation, Andy admitted that it was a smooth one.

"I think if I want to do this kind of movie again and need a sparring partner, I will find him," he said.