Andy Lau admits confidence in Stephen Fung

12 Aug - Hong Kong star Andy Lau recently revealed that his involvement in Stephen Fung's movie, "The Adventurers" is because of the trust he has in the director, and not merely for the sake of helping a fellow Hong Kong filmmaker.

The actor, who sat down for an interview with Tencent recently, shared that he has always thought of Stephen as being a good actor and director according to the latter's past work.

Andy revealed that he invited Stephen to collaborate with him 12 years ago, and that they both agreed to make a movie about magic and illusion, but that the project failed to come to fruition.

"Then he was involved in another project, which is "The Adventurers". He said that we could discuss another collaboration if I'm interested. After reading the script, I realised that we should work together on it," said the actor.

"The Adventurers", co-starring Shu Qi and Jean Reno, will be out on 31 August 2017.