Andy Hui updates social media to thank guitarist Joey Tang

29 Jun – More than a year since his last social media post, Andy Hui finally updated his Instagram with a new photo.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who recently made his return to limelight through ViuTV's "Chill Club", shared a photo from the said show of him performing accompanied by guitarist Joey Tang.

He wrote, "Since I started in the music industry more than 20 years ago, Joey has always been there behind me.... Thank you sincerely, Joey."

Netizens immediately expressed encouragement for Andy in the comments section.

One posted, "Don't disappoint fans anymore", while another expressed, "For another 20 years, we and Joey will be behind you and support you."

Andy made his return last week to show support for the PolyGram 50th anniversary, more than a year since he went on hiatus following his cheating scandal with actress Jacqueline Wong.

(Photo Source: Andy Hui Instagram)