Android 10 to allegedly launch today for Pixel devices

The followup to the Google Pixel 3 range, pictured here, is already the subject of great speculation

According to a carrier report (now removed) spotted by 9to5Google on Monday, Android 10 will begin to roll out to all Pixel smartphones Tuesday.

According to Canadian carrier Rogers (spotted by 9to5Google), Android 10 -- referred to by Rogers as "Q OS" -- will begin rolling out to all Pixel smartphones from the original Pixel to the latest 3a XL on Tuesday, September 3.

Previously, Google has launched its latest operating systems at the start of September -- given that Monday was Labor Day in North America, it's only logical that Q would be released today instead.

Early last month, Google rolled out the final beta of Android Q before its official release. The most notable feature coming to Android smartphones is expected to be gesture controls. Over the course of the tests, the company continued to tweak and perfect the tool. Considering that Q is likely coming out imminently, Pixel users will be the first to try it out.

If the Rogers release date is accurate, Android Q will roll out Tuesday along with a security update.