Andrew Pong chooses environmentally-friendly face masks

5 Mar – Hong Kong actor Andrew Pong recently stressed on the importance of protecting the environment while keeping one's health in check by using reusable face masks to prevent COVID-19.

As reported on Wenweipo, the actor who participated in a face mask distribution activity in the Western District of Hong Kong recently, shared that he himself has been using environmentally-friendly face mask to ensure reduction of disposal that can happen when one wears a single-use mask.

"My face mask was ordered from the United States and cost about HKD 500. You can use it continuously for 270 hours by changing the filter. It can be reused to reduce the amount of trash," he said.

On the other hand, Andrew admitted that there have been confirmed and suspected coronavirus cases in San Francisco, where his 94-year-old grandmother is currently residing.

"Grandma rarely goes out on the streets, so I am not that worried. She originally planned to go on a summer vacation, but now we have to see how it goes," he added.

As for his own showbiz jobs, the actor said that he has not been affected much by it.

"I had just received an offer to shoot an ad a few days ago. I have also invested in a performing arts academy and will continue to teach classes," he added.

(Photo Source: Andrew Pong Instagram)