Andrew Lam will never marry again

18 May - After two failed marriages, actor Andrew Lam revealed that he has no interest to tie the knot again.

As reported on Mingpao, the 58-year-old singer-actor, who accepted a radio interview recently, shared that he realised that he is not the marrying type after his last divorce.

"Being in this line of work, you need a lot of freedom and space to do it. We also have to take account a lot of things, and it can be difficult [for marriage]," he said.

He gave the example of actor-producer Eric Tsang, saying that the veteran star was able to do a lot of great movies because he rarely comes home to his family.

Andrew also admitted that he rarely meets with his two ex-wives and their children, saying that the kids have their own world.

The actor's first marriage was to actress Elizabeth Lee, of whom he said "I do" to in a secret wedding in Canada. They were divorced in 1995 after five years of marriage and had no kids together.

His second marriage, which lasted ten years, was to actress Brianna Chan in 1998. Two children were born from the marriage - Lincoln, 18; and Yohji, 13.

Both wives have since remarried.

(Photo Source: Andrew Lam Facebook)