Andrea Torres is not in a rush to start dating again

Heidi Hsia
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17 Mar – While her ex-boyfriend Derek Ramsay seemed to have moved on quickly from their relationship to a new one with Ellen Adarna, Andrea Torres recently stated that she would like to focus on herself for the time being.

As reported on PEP, the actress, whose breakup with Ramsay happened only four months ago, stated that she would prefer to learn to love herself and spend time doing things that make her happy instead of jumping into another romance.

"Feed your soul, take care of yourself so that the next time you fall in love, you will have so much more to give," she added.

Andrea Torres wants to focus on herself, is with her parents here
Andrea Torres wants to focus on herself, is with her parents here

Torres also stated that being the best version of herself would ensure that when a relationship comes along, she is ready and whole.

"My [future] partner deserves that. Either way, I'm happy. I want to stay on the positive side always so I attract more positive things my way," she added.

Torres also believes in the notion that everything happens for a reason, and that it is all in God's plan.

Asked if she believes in second chances, the actress responded, "I'm always 100 percent invested in my relationships. I will fight for it with all I have because I don't like having 'what ifs' in life. If that happens, if we end up parting ways, I know I already did everything."

For now, the actress is busy focusing on her prime-time series, "Legal Wives".

(Photo Source: Andrea Torres Instagram)