Andie MacDowell In Airline Row Over Being Bumped To 'Tourist’ Class Over Her Dog


Actress Andie MacDowell has slammed American Airlines over being bumped from first class to coach class because of her dog, Ava.

The ‘Groundhog Day’ star took to Twitter to give the airline a piece of her mind following the incident, taking a selfie with other passengers.

“@AmericanAir there was no excuse why the guy would not just let me ask someone to change seats he had a power trip.

“@AmericanAir he said take the seat or don’t get on my plane I was there early to ask for help and from the moment I met him he was rude.”

But many took her response as snobbery for being downgraded, and so the trolling began.

She responded saying:

Then later added: “I think that’s logical, but I guess I’m seen as privileged, it certainly isn’t where my heart is.”

MacDowell was travelling from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach on Friday with her rescue dog Ava, but was not allowed her first class seat, though she said that she had 'pre-booked and paid for’ the canine.

“@AmericanAir it was one bad egg who just didn’t want to help… let’s give it to charity this trip is about giving will send that info,” she went on.

She’s since said that she’ll give the refund to Charleston Volunteers for Literacy and the College of Charleston’s department of education.

“Kindness always wins, in the end it’s all that matters,” she added.

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Image credits: Reuters/Twitter