Andi Eigenmann learns more about daughter through island life

21 May – Andi Eigenmann is not regretting any second of her island life, as she recently expressed on social media.

The actress, who shared a photo of her with daughter Ellie Belle in Siargao recently, posted a long message about her quiet life away from the city, which read, "Spent most of the year living on this island always too stoked to take any photos. List of summer activities being limited at 29weeks pregnant, I now have a ton."

"Here's one photo (taken by Philmar Alipayo) I will treasure for life: me and my 2 mermaids with Clay. Ellie got tired of being my model too quickly but it brought out an aspiring photographer in her anyway - she even made me teach her how to edit! (will post some of her work soon)."

"This is just one of the things we discovered about herself this summer. Life on the island has definitely served not just as her giant playground, but a room for learning and discovering new things about the world we live in and about herself as well. I will never regret choosing to step out of my comfort zone to move my life here," she said.

Eigenmann first moved from Manila to Baler in the middle of 2018, saying that she sold all her luxury item to opt for a simpler life in the island.

"I want my daughter to grow up here, in a place like this surrounded by the people," she had said.

It was through her new life that she met her current boyfriend, surfer Philmar Alipayo.

(Photo Source: Andi Eigenmann Instagram)