Andi Eigenmann gets real about pregnancy

25 Apr – Although she looked every bit a glamorous pregnant celebrity in the recent cover of Metro.Style magazine, Andi Eigenmann recently admitted that in reality, she is as miserable as any would-be mother feels at the current stage of her pregnancy.

The actress, who shared an unedited photo of herself - cellulite and all - on social media following the previous glam-up shoot, expressed, "Being so close to hitting the 3rd trimester, pregnancy has been feeling realer than ever- not sleeping well, muscles all sore, experiencing all sorts of discomfort and just feeling grosser (than I have always been)!"

Eigenmann also admitted that she totally relapsed when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

"Bit disappointed in myself for that, NOT because of how I look now because 1. I let myself down. I promised to continue on with my holistic approach to fitness and nutrition as soon as morning sickness left my body; and 2. I am letting my baby down," she said.

Eigenmann is not so much perturbed by the physical changes in her body, having given birth too daughter Ellie seven years ago.

"These changes in our body are completely normal- all the cellulite, sagging butt, flabby arms and the chubby bunny-esque face is something I'd welcome and accept (just like my stretch marks) if they had come regardless of the hard work I've been putting to staying healthy in order to take care of myself and the baby- BUT I HAVENT."

"So mama, if you are going through the same thing, know that this is very normal, and/but it is up to us start making things better for us! It's never too late! We can do this!" she added.

(Photo Source: Andi Eigenmann Instagram)