Andi Eigenmann bruised from surfing accident

13 Sep – Andi Eigenmann has recently dismissed rumours that the recent bruises on her face was caused by domestic issues.

As reported on PEP, the actress who was spotted with bruises on her face, took to Instagram Stories to clarify the situation, saying that it was caused by her surfboard hitting her face.

"This wound is from not paying attention to my board in the water while I was making kulitan with Dagul. Due to the impact, my eyes and nose swelled up."

Eigenmann, who is rumoured to be dating professional surfer Philmar Alipayo, said that he has reminded her to be careful, but that she was careless because of the low tide.

"Then after swelling subsided it turned into this. So NO. Nobody beat me up. Nobody hurt me. I am fine! Accidents happen. I love surfing! And if no minor accident will make me quit, neither can your nonsense," she added.

(Photo Source: Andi Eigenmann Instagram)