'Andhadhun' sequel: Know what can the storyline be like

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30 Aug 2021: 'Andhadhun' sequel: Know what can the storyline be like

Andhadhun is a story of Akash Sarraf, played by Ayushmann Khurrana, who initially fakes that he is blind, but later becomes one. Him witnessing Simi murdering her husband made the story more complicated and interesting. The end of the movie hinted toward Akash again falsifying his blindness, thus an open culmination. Since this leaves enough room for a sequel, let's discuss a possible plot.

#1: Akash can continue to play the blind game

Akash, an aspiring musician, believes that if he pretends to be blind, his renditions and compositions would be better. This we have seen in Andhadhun, which ended by showing him removing a can with his cane, indicating that he is once again faking his visual senses. So if a sequel happens, Akash can continue the same lie, and live with it permanently.

#2: Will Sophie be in a serious relationship with Akash?

Sophie might fall for Akash, all over again. She clearly has a soft corner for him, and that might get a step ahead in part two. However, she will be heartbroken again if she learns about Akash's false game. And, Sophie already knows that he's capable of that, so she will be extra careful around him. Meaning, he will have to be super smart.

#3: Akash might become a successful piano player in part two

The film concluded showing Sophie meeting Akash in Krakow, where he was headlining a gig as a visually impaired piano player. The makers might show Akash becoming a famous person in the sequel. He will continue to impress people and gain money for himself as a blind piano artist. And, Akash might make everyone believe that he has gathered enough for an eye transplant.

#4: 'Andhadhun' sequel: Are makers thinking to make one?

Andhadhun's director Sriram Raghavan once told that a sequel to the gritty film is unlikely to happen. He said in clear words that "some things are meant to be left incomplete." "A sequel to Andhadhun? No," Raghavan had emphasized. However, with Andhadhun's Telugu movie in the remake, we think there is a possibility of a future. Till then, let's keep our fingers crossed!

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