Anatoliy Labinskiy: From Waiter to E-Commerce 8-Figurе Shopify Expert!

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Anatoliy Labinsky is the founder of Golden Stream Media e-commerce agency. How did the way of the future businessman begin, what difficulties did he encounter, and what motivated him to achieve such unprecedented heights?

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At the age of 23, Anatoliy risked everything by going to the UAE without money or knowledge of English. His mind was clouded by a single dream and goal - to reach a large financial income. Like most newcomers, Anatoliy started from the very bottom: in 5 years he managed to work as a runner, a waiter, a model, an actor, a sales manager. There was barely enough money to live on and to pay the debts with which he came from Ukraine. His earnings were insufficient to meet his needs.

Anatoliy dreamed of getting at least some office work. However, this did not happen, and he began exporting goods (butter, confectionery, etc.) from Ukraine and selling them abroad. But one day he got cheated by the suppliers and his situation became more difficult. It was a very difficult path and he had to learn from his mistakes. Willpower and determination of character helped Anatoliy to get a job at a company as a sales manager.

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After Labinski found out his wife was pregnant, he made a resolution that he would change everything for attaining well-being so his child could grow up in comfort. The salary was not enough even for basic needs. He and his wife were barely surviving on his wife's salary. Lack of money forced Anatoliy to send his wife back home to Ukraine, and he began to think of other ways to make money.

This is where his acquaintance with e-commerce began. Studying the work of advertising on Facebook, mastering the algorithms of the site, trying to promote himself somehow, Anatoliy wasted all the money he was earning at that time, leaving him with nothing. Everything that he earned at that moment on part-time jobs, he spent exclusively on his training and investing in his new business. The white period in the work began when the novice businessman managed to buy a mentor's training.

During 2 weeks of work with the mentor, Anatoliy managed to earn $8000 for seemingly the simplest idea - a T-shirt with a picture of a cat in the pocket. However, his joy did not last long: Facebook blocked his idea because of an obscene gesture made by the cat. Developing the field on his own, Anatoliy began to achieve certain results. Having found a partner, Labinsky began to work even more actively. He started to get some money.

Next year in 2018 Anatoliy managed to quit hiring and get involved exclusively in e-commerce and started working with a partner. "Then in one month I managed to earn $240,000, in the following months the income was $50,000, $280,000, $100,000, and in August 2019 was earned the first million. This turning point once again confirmed that you can achieve whatever you want when you do not give up!", Anatoliy shared.

After that, he returned to his mentor, but with a completely different question: how to build his own business. "I had a man, who really wanted to work, we started to carry out the management of advertising accounts by the two of us. I taught him everything and gave him clients and supervised his work, and he took care of the technical part. It really started to work," Anatoliy shares his memories.

Having put together a team of experts, Labinsky set up Golden Stream Media. The purpose of the company is to go through all the difficulties together with clients and increase their income. The activity of the guys is to create a brand, to make it more recognizable. The team of high-class specialists will give people unique tools to make their business one of the best in their sphere and to increase their income. The result is new customer acquisition, optimized lead generation, and sales opportunities.

That was the way Anatoliy created Golden Stream Media.

From August 2019 till today, the company has made almost $10,000,000 in total own and clients results. Now the team is growing, getting stronger and stronger. Anatoliy pays special attention to the company's clients and does his best to keep them satisfied. Thus, his company is outstanding from their competitors by the level of customer care and quality of work. Also, Anatoliy values every member of his team - they all work 7 days a week to please all clients' goals and ideas and take things to break new ground.

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