An age-by-age guide for children toys

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New to parenting? Here's an exhaustive toy guide (new toys are coming out every day after all) to the first seven years of your child's life!

0-12 months

Your baby's vision is blurry in the first three months of their life, so all they can see are bright colours and patterns. You'll want to promote interactions through touch and sound. Toys that are soft, cuddly and make squeaking sounds will captured their attention. Textured or nubby ones can help to relieve some teething pain when they nibble at it.

Ideal toys:

Soft, washable stuff toy


Crib mobiles

Play mats/Water mats

1-2 years old

These little toddlers are excited at what the world has to offer! Ideal toys are those that can respond to actions, such as lighting up or emitting sounds when a button is pressed. They're still too young to learn alphabets or numbers, but they'll enjoy interacting with the toys and learning more about the world with them in it.

Ideal toys:

Stacking rings

Pop-up toys with noise/movement

Simple, sturdy musical instruments like tambourines, drums, or maracas

Shape sorters

Puzzles with four or five pieces

Rubber ducks for bath time

2-3 years old

They're forming words, maybe even sentences, and are learning how to act like a mini version of you. Fine tune their motor skills with puzzles and building blocks, or let them mimic their surroundings with toy versions of real life objects. You can also introduce toys that can be ride on. Make sure they're small enough for your child to propel with both feet. You can even move up to a tricycle if your toddler is comfortable!

Ideal toys:

Make-believe toy sets

Ride-on toys and tricycles

Musical instruments

Construction toys

4-5 years old

This is the spongelike stage of their development, which means there's a tremendous increase in learning ability. It's thus a good time to introduce interactive educational toys that teach math and verbal skills, such as arts and craft or easy-to-read books.

Top Toys:

Art supplies toy/kit

Construction sets like Legos


Electronic phonics toys

Bicycles with training wheels

5-6 years old

Your child is developing their personalities and inculcating their interests! Whether it's science experiments, baking and cooking, singing, dancing or more, inculcate their curiosity in learning with more advanced toys such as:

Basic science kits


Remote-control cars

More complex construction sets

Sports equipment

Strategy board games such as chess

7 years and above

Kids this age enjoy outdoor sports as well as scooters, bicycles, and in-line skates. They acquire adult-like interests, abilities, and hobbies and may display a passion by becoming a collector. They enjoy competing with their friends, and also like working on longer projects, some of which might take days to complete.

Ideal toys:

Camera kits for kids

Craft kits

More elaborate science kits

Outdoor sporting equipment

Intricate construction sets/Model kits

Board games

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