Amusing Instagram account showcases the world's worst footwear

Caroline Allen
The Instagram account is hilariously named "crimes against shoe-manity". [Photo: Getty]

Everybody loves finding the perfect pair of shoes.

Finding the worst pair of shoes ever is proving to be just as satisfying, though, thanks to this satirical Instagram account.

The account is cleverly named Crimes Against Shoe-manity and is followed by over 30,000 people.

It calls out the world’s worst footwear and showcases it for the world to see.

Some of the images are truly disturbing but we can’t stop looking.

One of the more recent images shows a pair of shoes that have been completely worn down to expose the foot.

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If you think that’s bad, it only gets worse.

One image submitted to the account shows a pair of crocs that have been - quite literally - punked.

The shoes are attached to the perpetrator’s jeans by a chain. Just in case somebody tries to steal them, obviously.

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While some of then are disgusting, some are downright sensible, if you ask me.

Why wouldn’t you want a shoe that can also tell you the time?

The account was created by Rebel Royale, a London-based fashion fan, and it has been featured in the press time and time again.

It’s safe to say we all know where not to go next time we want some fashion advice.

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