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Mahjong-themed keyboards available in Singapore for fans of the game

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Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore
(Photo: X-treme Solution / Facebook)

For mahjong-obsessed Singaporeans, your dream keyboards have arrived.

If you would like to sit at your desk on a dreary work day and daydream about an intense yet friendly non-stop mahjong session, these mahjong-themed keyboard sets will definitely do the trick.

X-treme Solution, a gaming shop in Sim Lim Square mall, posted on its Facebook page about two weeks ago (23 February) about its all-mahjong keyboard cap set being available.

Since then, the post has gone viral with over 1000 shares and more than 200 comments.

Mahjong is a Chinese game played usually by four people with over 100 tiles and involves skill, strategy and calculation as well as a degree of chance. It is popular among Singaporeans, especially during Lunar New Year.  

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore, Jeremy Soh, the director of X-treme Solution, said, “We have a lot of customers who like to look for unique keycaps to complement their keyboard. We bring in mahjong ones (because) it aligns with the Chinese New Year theme.  These keycaps come mainly from Taiwan, China and the US.”

 The keyboard caps display various mahjong tiles; for example, instead of numbers on the number pad, there are corresponding values of suits used in the game.

Also, instead of arrows, there are Chinese characters for north, south, east, and west which are important tiles in the game.

A set of nine numbers is currently going for $69, while a set of 4 characters goes for $39. The price includes only the keys and not the keyboard.

Soh said his shop is the “only and leading reseller of all sorts of mechanical keyboards” and they are in the midst of bringing in more novelty keycaps such those inspired by Doraemon, Transformers and Counter-strike to name a few.

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