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K-pop fans hit back at Xiaxue for comparing MONSTA X to ‘trannies’

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MONSTA X (Photo: 今日新聞NOWnews)

Fans of Korean groups MONSTA X, EXO and BTS were up in arms over the weekend against Singaporean blogger Wendy Cheng, more commonly known by her online moniker Xiaxue.

The outrage was triggered when Cheng tweeted that she had been on the same flight as MONSTA X and that “many yelling teens” were waiting for them.

The Korean group known for their hits like “Hero”, “Fighter” and “Trespass”, were in Singapore over the weekend to perform at a private event.

Cheng said she didn’t know who MONSTA X were and went to search for images of them online.

(Photo: Twitter screenshot)

“I genuinely thought they were a group of trannies,” Cheng tweeted.

This caused an uproar among fans of the group, who hit back at her and accused her of using a derogatory term.

(Photo: Twitter screenshot)

Later, on a dare from another Twitter user, Cheng tweeted, “Ok. BTS sucks and EXO sucks worse. Lol.”

(Photo: Twitter screenshot)

This led to some fans calling for her to be “sued”, while others took aim at her looks and her son.

Others called on their fellow fans to ignore Cheng, who later tweeted about how she was making more money “as you guys hate”.

(Photo: Twitter screenshot)
(Photo: Twitter screenshot)
(Photo: Twitter screenshot)

Cheng is no stranger to online spats, having been involved in several over the past few years, including a high-profile war of words with rival influencer agency Gushcloud and another with satire Facebook page SMRT (Ltd) Feedback.


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