American bookworms may prefer living in Seattle and Pasadena than in New York

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Henderson, Nevada is one of the worst US cities for literature lovers, according to a recent study.

New York and Los Angeles are known to have inspired some of the greatest names in literature. But the same can't be said for all American cities. A new study ranks the cities book lovers should head to (and those to avoid) in the United States.

Every November, the United States celebrates Family Literacy Month. To mark the occasion, the website LawnLove took a look at the best cities in the US for bookworms to live. It took into account criteria such as access to public libraries, number of bookstores and book clubs to rank 200 locations across the country.

California appears to be a particularly welcoming state for those with a voracious literary appetite. Pasadena tops the list due to its many bookstores and literary events held there each year.

On its heels is Seattle, Washington, which isn't surprising given that UNESCO made it one of its Creative Cities of Literature in 2017. Many factors went into this decision: Seattle hosts many literary events such as the Short Run Comix and Arts Festival, which showcases independent comics and self-published works, and the annual Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference.

While Jersey City came in third place thanks to its impressive number of booksellers, New York City only came in fourth. Major metropolises like Chicago (No. 13) and San Francisco are lower in the rankings (No. 19). But that's nothing compared to Joliet, Illinois, and Sunrise Manor, Nevada, which occupy the bottom spots in the top 200. Both cities are much smaller than most of their rivals, however, which probably explains why their residents can't enjoy as many literary activities.

Check out LawnLove's rankings in their entirety below:

Caroline Drzewinski

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