Amber Valletta willing to go to jail over climate change protests

Amber Valletta

Amber Valletta chose to get arrested for protesting about climate change in order to put herself on the line for the environment.

The model joined actress Jane Fonda in Washington, D.C. for her weekly Fire Drill Fridays protest, which is designed to get politicians to address climate change, in November and was subsequently arrested.

In a new interview with Porter magazine, Valletta explained that she had been "feeling this need to get loud" about the environment and put herself out there in an attempt to make people realise the planet is worth fighting for.

"I chose to get arrested," she said. "I've been feeling this need to get loud; to step into my own. I don't care what anyone thinks. I can't sit on the sidelines; I need to physically put myself on the line. I chose to get arrested as a symbol. My life is worth putting out there, in order to show that all our lives are worth fighting for."

Valletta then recalled the "profound" feeling she experienced seeing government buildings such as the Supreme Court and Capitol Hill as she was getting arrested.

"I believe in this. I will risk public opinion, being in jail," the 45-year-old shared. "It was profound. This is the most important crisis we're facing. I'm not diminishing cancer or AIDS, diabetes or addiction, but there won't be anything left to fight for. Nothing else matters."

Elsewhere, Valletta explained that she wants the younger generation to be able to appreciate the natural world.

"It makes me want to cry. I'll be dead, but my great-grandkids? To live in a world where they wouldn't experience this; where they couldn't see elephants or a whale," she continued. "The ocean could be disgusting and full of plastic; you can't eat fish, go to a beach, see coral; you can't have the opportunity to be doctors, scientists or creators. We take it for granted. It's overwhelmingly ridiculous."

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