Amber Valletta hoping to fund sustainability documentary

Amber Valletta

Amber Valletta is looking to fund a documentary about sustainability in fashion.

The model/actress is an outspoken advocate for the environment and climate change, with her even getting arrested last year for taking part in the Fire Drill Fridays protests in Washington, D.C.

Valletta now hopes to take her passion and knowledge of the issues and channel them into a documentary titled The Changing Room, which would be aimed at fashion consumers.

"We want to educate and entertain fashion consumers on sustainability. Fashion has such an opportunity to be a change agent," she told Porter magazine.

For those looking to shop ethically, Valletta recommends making luxury investments for staple items that can be worn again and again.

"Everyone can wear a tank top or a great T-shirt. Have a blouse or two. In general, luxury brands don't overproduce, so they're safe bets. I believe in a great blazer, a pair of boots, and tennis shoes. They're my go-tos," the 45-year-old advised.

Valletta, who took environmental-related classes at New York University in the early 2000s, is well aware that the fashion industry is lagging far behind others when it comes to sustainability and she remains confused by brands who don't advertise their ethical efficiency.

"They're afraid they're not doing enough. My response is to at least put it on tags, like ingredients. The lack of transparency is causing us to stay in the 20th century. We're already 20 years into the 21st century!" she commented.

Valletta recently teamed up with fashion designer Stella McCartney, another sustainability champion, to star in a Mother Earth-inspired fashion campaign that highlights the power of plants.

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