Amber Valetta urges shoppers to stop buying brand-new clothes

Amber Valletta

Amber Valletta has urged shoppers to stop buying brand-new clothes in a bid to help save the environment.

The American model is pushing for much more sustainability in the fashion industry, and in an interview with Footwear News, said that she is reducing her carbon footprint by buying vintage.

"Things have value. Slow down. We don't have to buy just because we have the urge to buy," Amber explained, adding that she "hates" shopping.

The 46-year-old, who regularly takes part in Jane Fonda's Fire Drill Fridays climate change protests, went on to urge more leading figures, especially women, to promote eco-friendly fashion.

"Fashion affects everybody. We all have to get dressed, and one out of six people on the planet work in the garment industry in some capacity. It's mostly women. And we know that women, one, push the economy, two, hold the money, and three, spend it," she commented. "Fashion has an incredible opportunity to become a 21st-century industry that can really prove to the rest (of the world) how to do things properly."

And Amber also wants to use her platform to inspire people to solve the industry's huge environmental impact.

"We have so much potential. This is why I put my focus here, otherwise, I'd just stop focusing on fashion and go focus on environmental activism, but I actually think we can be the biggest change agents," the star added, noting that her top tips for reducing her fashion footprint include buying quality designer pieces that have longevity and fixing broken items.

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