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Only Amazon Prime members can score these 9 secret deals — and they start at just $12

Hidden bargains include $40 off a top-rated towel warmer, and there's plenty more where that came from.

earbuds, air dryer, fly trap
Being a Prime member has serious perks, including exclusive discounts. (Amazon)

An Amazon Prime membership brings a world of benefits: free two-day shipping, instant access to movies on Amazon Prime Video, pharmacy discounts and Whole Foods delivery are just a few. You probably already knew those — but did you know that as a Prime member, you have special access to secret sales? Yep, Prime lets you unlock a hidden section of Amazon, a Just for Prime sales hub that spans multiple categories. This special section is home to some of the best deals you're likely to see at Amazon or anywhere else. Check out our favorite markdowns from this Prime-only sale section below.

Quick overview
  • Carego Wireless Earbuds

    Save $4 with Prime
  • Viliwin Digital Air Fryer, 4.5 Quarts

    Save $15 with Prime
  • Fvoai Fruit Fly Trap for Indoors

    Save $16 with Prime
  • Flyhit Large Towel Warmer

    Save $40 with Prime
  • Fesnne Night-Light, 2-Pack

    Save $9 with Prime
  • Ukulork Ice Cube Tray for Tumblers

    Save $5 with Prime
  • Inflatable Tanning Pool Lounger Float

    Save $20 with Prime
  • Yorraka Electric Spin Scrubber

    Save $10 with Prime
  • Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, 2-Pack

    Save $51 with Prime
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If you don't want to splurge on pricey AirPods, give these top-rated wireless earbuds from Carego a shot for just $12. They boast a six-hour battery life and smart touch controls so you can quickly play or pause your music and adjust the volume.

One customer shared: "[I] searched for hours for earbuds that would replace my very pricey wireless pair that were on the verge of malfunctioning ... The sound is way better than expected and they stay charged for a couple of days. Considering the price point, I cannot complain because they are as good as much pricier versions I've had in the past."

Save $4 with Prime
$12 at Amazon

This handy appliance lets you enjoy your favorite crispy foods with up to 80% less oil. It has eight easy-breezy cooking presets, and its roomy 4.5-quart basket can fit plenty of food.

"It changed my life. What a good product. I love the color — makes me so happy looking at it on my counter," shared a content cook.

Save $15 with Prime
$65 at Amazon

Alas, bug season is back. This indoor gadget works to attract and capture mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats and other small critters, and it's over 30% off right now.

One fan shared, "I’m just so impressed with this trap. I've only had it a week, but it's already well worth its cost. After a week I have zero gnats, flies, or mosquitoes in the house that I ever notice. It's like they go straight to the trap."

Save $16 with Prime
$34 at Amazon

Add a little luxury to your daily shower with a towel warmer. This top-selling model is 40% off and can heat two extra-large bath towels in 25 minutes. And why not heat your pajamas or loungewear to get extra cozy?

One elated shopper wrote: "I was hesitant because you never know if it will be a waste of money, but this is by far the best self-care purchase I have ever made. I turn it on before my shower and it is warm by the end."

Save $40 with Prime
$60 at Amazon

Instantly brighten up a dim bathroom, hallway or bedroom with this set of two plug-in night-lights. Unlike most, these are dimmable and have dusk-to-dawn sensors.

One five-star fan shared: "These night-lights are perfect for hallways. They put off a lot of light to be able to see at night. You can also adjust how bright you want the light to be, which is nice. They have the photo sensor so they go on and off when I turn on or off my hallway lights or when it's daylight out."

Save $9 with Prime
$18 at Amazon

If your family only drinks out of Stanleys or Yetis, they'll flip for this tray that makes cylinder-shaped ice to fit perfectly into tumblers. The genius gizmo comes with molds for 20-ounce, 30-ounce and 40-ounce tumblers.

One shopper raved: "I purchased [this tray] on a whim, plus I was a little tired of refilling my cup with ice. Once placed, I'm able to keep [my drink] all day without adding ice."

Save $5 with Prime
$15 at Amazon

Pool season is just around the corner, and more than 2,000 of these bestselling floats have been purchased in the last month alone. Just fill it with water and lounge without overheating. Cool, right?

One five-star reviewer shared, "Ever want to lay in the pool without getting wet? This is the float for that! We use it in late fall and early spring when the sun is warm but the water is frigid. Love this float!"

Save $20 with Prime
$30 at Amazon

Get your space sparkling with this No. 1 bestselling electric scrubber. The lightweight gadget has two speeds, can work continuously for 90 minutes and comes with nine replaceable brush heads.

One happy user, who said the scrubber "makes cleaning fun," wrote: "I have a stand-alone shower which used to take 45 minutes to clean... It now takes half the time to clean and takes the stress off my back with the ability to extend the scrubber and not having to lean over to get the shower floor and lower part of the shower stall."

Save $10 with Prime
$40 at Amazon

Enjoy freshly cracked salt and pepper at home with these rechargeable electric grinders. They're easy to both clean and refill, and they offer five coarseness levels. 

One shopper shared: "These little kitchen gadgets have made seasoning my dishes a breeze, and the convenience they offer is simply unbeatable... I appreciate that they are rechargeable, so I don't have to deal with replacing batteries."

Save $51 with Prime
$29 at Amazon

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