New Amazon Music analytics platform tells artists how streamers search for their content

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Amazon launches a new analytics platform so that Amazon Music artists can see how their content is performing

Amazon has launched the beta version of analytics platform Amazon Music for Artists, an app with a companion site that gives artists with content on the streaming service statistical information about who's listening to their music and when and how fans are finding them.

Following in the footsteps of Apple and Spotify, Amazon is launching an analytics platform for people with content on its dedicated streaming service: Amazon Music for Artists, rolling out the beta version late last week.

In addition to conventional stats like who's listening, where and how their music is curated into playlists or radio stations, this app also gives artists insight on how their content trends on Alexa thanks to a Daily Voice Index. This stat will inform artists how often their music is verbally requested.

While the smartphone application offers real-time analytics, which go back to 2018, the companion website offers more didactic information about how the app works and how to improve music reach.

Currently, Amazon Music for Artists is available for download as a beta on iOS and Android.