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Amazon has a ton of cleaning essentials on sale ahead of Prime Day — save up to $26 on Lysol, Swiffer and more

Amazon Prime Day kicks off next week, but you can get a head-start on deals, thanks to this cleaning sale.

lysol laundry, resolve spray, gain laundry detergent, swiffer heavy duty, Early Prime Day deals: Save on cleaning essentials on Amazon (photos via Amazon).
Early Prime Day deals: Save on cleaning essentials on Amazon (photos via Amazon).

Cleaning your house or apartment can be a bit of a slog, but finding a great deal on cleaning products can make doing the chore a little less painful. Right now on Amazon Canada, there are quite a few sales on cleaning products ahead of Amazon Prime Day. You can stock up on items like a Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner spray that'll help get your kitchen squeaky clean, or if your surfaces are in need of some deep cleaning, an Electric Spin Scrubber is currently 37 per cent off. Scroll below to check out a roundup of some of the best early Prime Day deals you can shop right now on Amazon.

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This powerful citrus-scented cleaning spray kills 99.99 per cent of bacteria. It's specifically meant to be used on surfaces that come in contact with food, so you don't have to worry about any chemical residues. 

$3 at Amazon

These Swiffer cloths pick up and trap a ton of dust, dirt and hair, which is ideal for messy areas. They work on grout, tile and hardwood. Shoppers say they are "absolutely amazing" and that they "can’t live without" them. 

$10 at Amazon

These laundry detergent pacs promise "double the freshness" than their regular-sized counterparts. Shoppers say they love the smell and the product says the scent will improve your mood with its "joyful freshness."

$20 at Amazon

It might be a good idea to give your dryer vents a deep clean to get rid of all the lint that gets trapped in there. Shoppers call it the "best purchase ever" and say that it manages to get into the nooks and crannies that other products just can't reach. 

$19 at Amazon

If your laundry is starting to smell funky, this Lysol product is specially designed to kill viruses and bacteria that may be causing odours. Shoppers say it even gets rid of "gym stank," which can indeed be a potent smell.

$6 at Amazon

It's BBQ season, and if you're grill is looking a little worse for wear, it might be time to give it a scrub. Shoppers say this spray "works like a charm," and all you need to do is apply it, leave it on for 20 minutes, then wipe all the gunk away.

$5 at Amazon

Save your back and knees from the pain that comes with scrubbing surfaces with a brush and upgrade to a handy tool that'll do the hard work for you. This electric brush has seven different brush heads and an adjustable length. Shoppers say it "does the muscle work" needed for heavy scrubbing, and in general, it takes less time to get cleaning done. 

$44 at Amazon

If your dishes are coming out of the dishwasher looking wet and spotty, this product can help reduce those problems. Shoppers say that using the rinse-aid makes a "significant difference" in the appearance of their dishes and prevents water and filmy residue from sticking around. 

$8 at Amazon

If your dishwasher itself is looking a little worse for wear, shoppers say this cleaner removes grease, limescale and odours, leaving the appliance "smelling fresh and hygienically clean." 

$8 at Amazon

Shoppers say this spray "works like magic" on stains made by pets and leaves a pleasant scent where there was once something unpleasant, like vomit or urine. It can be used on carpets and upholstery and even discourages pets from soiling in the same area again. 

$9 at Amazon

If you have a carpet cleaning machine, this product can be used to help get rid of tough stains and odours. Shoppers say it's a "game changer" that gets rid of smells from "cigarettes, dogs, cats" and people.

$22 at Amazon

Shoppers say that this mop "works wonders" on their floors and that it's "so quick and easy" to get the chore done. It has a 360-degree head that flexes around corners and edges, a refillable bottle for water and cleaner and a spray trigger that administers the product to your floors. 

$26 at Amazon

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