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S$500 Amazon gift cards giveaway: Drumroll for the winners, please!

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Win a S$500 Gift Card by answering 1 question!
Scroll down and check out the winning entries for Amazon S$500 Gift Card!

SINGAPORE - What will you buy with a S$500 Amazon Gift Card? In the lead-up to Amazon Prime Day 2022, Yahoo and Amazon held a giveaway for two winners to walk away with a S$500 Amazon Gift card each, simply by answering the aforementioned question.

The Yahoo Shopping team received a mountain load of entries, and reading through all of them took some time. Interestingly, we noticed recurring patterns on the items people wish for, and have collated the top seven items people have wished for in the giveaway!

  1. Playstation 5

  2. Groceries

  3. Apple products

  4. Mother & Baby products

  5. Computer peripherals

  6. Kitchen appliances

  7. Office chair

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Entries that made us chuckle

While we regret not being able to offer more prizes for the winners, we'd like to give out honorary mentions to the ones who made us chuckle with their entries.

"A Playstation 5 because GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK is coming out and we gamers have waited way too long for it. It is a game of epic proportions and brilliant story telling with the best character development. And I would gladly shave all my hair for a chance to play it on the Playstation 5."

"The best cockroach killer available on Amazon to wipe out the nests of cockroaches residing somewhere in my house."

"500 dollars? Thats very nice.
Thinking of
shoes, shirts and maybe some ties.
For a new job, what else should I own?
Ah, how about my first Iphone!
Iphone 13, wah shiok man!
Iphone 12, also can!
Oh truly it will be a dream come true,
If I win I'll scream YAHOO!"


"Will buy my husband a sofa so that he wouldn't snatch my side of the bed every night!"

"I wanna (buy) exercising stuffs like badminton and dumbbells cos I'm fat liao."

"Buy anything that's worth-it, because I'm worthy."

"On the 12th day of July
Amazon sent to me
Twelve bottles of
wine ,
champagne cups,
party balloons ,
paper plates to dine,
forks and spoons,
Cheddar Sausage,
Six cans of
Beers ,
Golden Pears ,
Ice cream pints ,
Chilled Chickens,
Kellogg's Pop Tarts,
And a bag of
party favours to party"

We never knew there were so many poets in Singapore! Jokes aside, let us congratulate these winners! Winners will be contacted via email.


I would buy groceries for people having a hard time these days. Amazon has been a great help this season. I can safely shop for things I need and get them delivered safely to my doorstep. I want others to experience this by sending something they can use without the hassle of going physically to the store and delivering it myself. Through Amazon, extending help is as easy as one click away.


I will use the gift card to buy a gaming chair for my wife. She has been using the dining table chair to work from home since Covid started 2 years ago. And she uses it approximate 8 hours a day, sitting there for work. She refuses to let me buy her a more comfortable chair. So if I win this gift card, the chair will be paid for and no reason for her to refuse the offer.

Missed this contest? No worries! Watch our Shopping Page for more giveaways!

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