Amazon is crowd-sourcing Alexa answers

Amazon's Alexa Answers home page

Amazon has extended participation in its Alexa Answers program to the general public (starting with the US), by taking it out of beta. It allows people from the general public to answer the questions that have stumped the e-tail titan's personal assistant in order to improve its overall performance.

Alexa Answers is a program that's open to all users, via its various Alexa-enabled devices, and seeks to provide answers to questions that have as-of-yet remained unanswered.

The way this works is extremely simple: members who register for the program browse through the answerless questions and answer those they know the answer to within their domains of expertise, in 300 characters or less. The answer will then be shared with other users who have asked that question, with the system specifying that it was supplied by another Alexa user.

Even as we have entered the AI era, the fact remains that even the most advanced personal assistants require human help to remain relevant. Amazon also appears to be trying to catch up to Google Assistant, which has been crowned the best performing of the lot by a number of studies.

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