I Am Not Pregnant, But My Daughter Is Telling Everybody She Is Going To Be A Big Sister

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If you’ve eagerly been trying to start your family, you understand the joy it brings when you can finally announce: ‘We’re expecting!’ After all, pregnancy and parenting is a beautiful and enriching experience. What adds more excitement to this journey is its announcement. While some couples choose to use emotional methods, some prefer funny pregnancy announcement quotes.

But what happens when you’re not actually pregnant but your toddler shares your pregnancy announcement with your family and friends? Awkward, isn’t it?

Well, that’s pretty much what happened with one mum who couldn’t help but share this rather embarrassing story.

“Our daughter told everybody that she was going to a big sister”

funny pregnancy announcement quotes
funny pregnancy announcement quotes

Screengrab: Reddit

The mum shared this funny story online and wrote, “Over the last week I’ve been receiving a lot of smiles and congratulations. Mostly when I was passing by other parents at our daycare. It was strange, it was nobodies birthday, nothing special. I just let it slide.”

She added, “Until I spoke to the daycare worker today and she told me she was so happy for us. I asked her why and she looked shocked. She told me our daughter had been talking about her little sister in mommies belly. Our daughter told everybody who wanted to hear she was going to be a big sister.”

Now, this mum’s problem is not that her daughter went all out to tell everyone. But the fact is she is not pregnant.

“When I asked our daughter about it she said: “yes you are mommy, look at your big belly.” I always thought I had a pretty normal belly, but thanks love,” wrote the mum.

She mentioned that after few users asked her to cross-check, she did. “I see a lot of comments mention that these children are just really expensive pregnancy tests. Luckily nature told me I am not pregnant 3 days later. The last time I was so excited to get my period was when I was 18, I think,” she added.

Mums who commented on her post found her situation quite ‘hilarious.’ Some even shared their personal experience of being in a similarly embarrassing situation.

Most Mums Thought That The Daughter’s Announcement Was Funny!

Can’t control laughing!

funny pregnancy announcement quotes
funny pregnancy announcement quotes

Screengrab: Reddit

One mum shared that she thought this situation was quite funny and that she herself wouldn’t know how to recat of she were in the same situation. She wrote, ” Sorry, but that is freaking hilarious. I would not know what to say.”

My son, five, asked me last week if I was pregnant

Fathers also came out in support of this mum and pointed to the funny side of the situation. But they couldn’t help but share their personal experience. One father wrote, “My two year old thinks I (a man) have a baby in my belly because my wife was just pregnant.”

While another dad shared that his son thinks he is the one who’s pregnant!
“My son, five, asked me last week if I was pregnant. He just had a little brother…I’m his father,” the dad shared.

Who believes a kid?

Some of the opinion that this funny pregnancy announcement quote by the daughter wasn’t that big a deal as kids say all kinds of things. This user who was a preschool teacher for many years wrote,” I would NEVER believe a child who told me their mother was pregnant unless I heard it from their mother’s own mouth. Or it was otherwise obviously clearly she was pregnant. Kids are full of shit and I had MANY kids talk about the baby in mommy’s belly who never existed.”

Are you sure, you’re not pregnant?

Many users shared that they surprisingly became pregnant after their kids started spreading the word. This one mum wrote, “Are you sure you’re not pregnant? That’s how my mom found out she was pregnant with me. My older brother told everyone that his little sister was growing in his mom’s belly and sure enough, there I was.”

These were really some hilarious incidents. But it is understandable how embarrassing it can be to be in this position. Nonetheless, if you are actually pregnant and scouting for funny pregnancy announcement quotes, we have you covered.

20 Funny Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

20 Funny pregnancy announcement quotes
20 Funny pregnancy announcement quotes

Image courtesy: Stock photo

  • We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.

  • We’ve been busy as a bee, and now there are three.

  • Now finally you can stop asking when we are going to have a baby

  • Our family is about to get better and bigger by 2 feet

  • We’re going to need a bigger boat

  • The battle for mum’s attention starts from (Month) (Year)

  • Best oops ever (Add Your Due date)

  • Looking forward to a new tax deduction in 2021

  • Shit just got real.

  • The best is yet to come¦ (Add your due date here)

Here are some funny pregnancy announcement quotes if you are about to be a second-time mummy.

  • Ctrl + Copy = Ctrl + Paste

  • The sequel is coming (Add your due date)

  • Use the photo of your elder child. Then add the caption “Being promoted to big sister/brother in (due date).

  • Not the flu, Baby #2 Due (your due date here)

  • And Then There Were Four (your due date)

Keeping in mind that we are in the middle of the pandemic, a lot of parents are also using COVID-19 and quarantine references to make funny pregnancy announcement quotes. If you’re the same, you can try these:

  • I am a proof that quarantine wasn’t all the boring

  • Well played quarantine, well played (Add your due date)

  • I tested positive, but not for COVID (Your due date)

  • I am proof that my parents didn’t follow social distancing

  • Social distancing was getting boring and hence here I am

We hope you enjoyed these funny suggestions and will incorporate these in your next big reveal. Happy pregnancy!

Source: The Mummy Bubble


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