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PHOTO: Getty
PHOTO: Getty

Are you one of those who have problems falling asleep even though it is past bedtime? Or do you struggle to have uninterrupted sleep throughout the night? Trying to sleep better during this worrisome period may be an uphill battle for many of us. 

In a previous article, we shared with you where to find quality mattresses and pillows at affordable prices. In the same article, we also polled you on what you do to get a good night's sleep. Apart from getting a good mattress, many of you shared that you are looking for comfortable bedsheets as well. The majority of you look to exercising, teas to induce sleep or meditation apps to sleep better. Many of you have also requested more of such good deals, as well as alternative methods to sleeping better.

Because sharing is caring, we have in this article, different ways to achieve a good night's sleep. Read on for details and promotion codes. Sweet dreams and bonne nuit!

1. Get a comfortable mattress & pillow

For those of you who missed out on the previous sale from Emma Sleep, a bedding manufacturer which produces award-winning German-engineered mattresses, the current 9.9 sale may be the best time to score the best deals. 

For today only, get extra 9% off with code "EXTRA9".

Emma One Mattress, S$279 (was S$399)

PHOTO: Emma Sleep. Emma One Mattress
PHOTO: Emma Sleep. Emma One Mattress, S$279 (was S$399)

S$279 S$399 at Emma Sleep

Emma Original Mattress, S$299 (was S$499)

PHOTO: Emma Sleep. Emma Original Mattress
PHOTO: Emma Sleep. Emma Original Mattress, S$299 (was S$499)

S$299 S$499 at Emma Sleep

Good bedding is never complete without a pillow that supports your head and neck well. 

Emma Foam Pillow, S$107 (was S$119)

PHOTO: Emma Sleep. Emma Foam Pillow
PHOTO: Emma Sleep. Emma Foam Pillow

S$107 S$119 at Emma Sleep

Hurry, extra 9% discount at Emma Sleep ends today!

2. Invest in luxurious bedsheets

Don't miss Robinsons bedding sale

Key in code "EXTRA9" for extra 9% off sales at Robinsons. 

Promotion until 12 September only.

Bedsheets on sale at Robinsons

Bedsheets from Amazon

3. Give meditation a try

Are you having trouble sleeping? Try Headspace, an app that offers a library of over 500 meditations from stress to resilience to compassion. On top of that, the app also provides you with relaxing sleep sounds, a focused music playlist and wind-down exercises.

Headspace is now at 40% off

4. Exercise regularly

Sign up for an online yoga class with Alo Moves

5. Drink calming teas, 2 hours before bedtime

Try some T2 tea to ease yourself into sleep

Chamomile tea

6. Try sleep aids 

Organic sleep balm

Sleep supplements

7. Use essential oils that induce sleep

Sleep-inspiring essential oils

Lavender essential oils

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