Alpha Kombat: Gaming Platform to Earn NFT Rewards

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Are you looking for a platform that fulfils your craze of playing games and helps to earn Digital currency's NFT rewards and prizes in the block-chain and virtual currency world? Then Alpha Kombat, Binance smart-chain platform is made for you to play exciting games with players all over the world and enter into different tournaments and competitions to earn Virtual Currency NFT rewards. Let’s explore this platform as it can be a game changer for you.

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Introduction of the Alpha Kombat

Due to the surge in the usage of virtual currency all over the world in different fields of life, the virtual currency industry has finally entered into the online gaming industry. Knowing the importance of this, alpha Kombat is a platform that has provided best gaming facilities to the users to play games and win exciting prizes as well.

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Roadmap of the platform

The roadmap of the platform is very important and plays pivotal role in the success of the platform.

Playing games through alpha Kombat

The user can easily enter the alpha Kombat gaming world by going into the website of the platform and clicking the link of the top right corner to download the game.

Features of Alpha Kombat platform

Alpha Kombat platform aims to deliver quality services and entertainment activities to the people of digital currency world. The platform provides following features that users can get benefit from.

Passive income

Everyone dreams to enjoy and want to earn a handsome passive income. The alpha Kombat platform allows users to earn passive income by taking part in the platform utilities and token utilities as well.

Playing Games and staking

The platform attracts the users to come and play exciting blockchain and virtual currency driven games that helps the users to win exciting NFTs rewards. Alpha Kombat equips people to stake their money through their platform and get best returns on their staking as well.

Eco-system of Alpha Kombat

The eco-system of alpha Kombat is great and exciting as it enables people from different parts of the world to connect through games and play two players games.

Betting platform

Alpha Kombat also facilitates people that are interested in betting the ongoing games through their platform and earn money by betting on their favourite games and players.

Nominal fee for services

Alpha staking platform has rapidly become popular owing to their best services and nominal fee of their services. This has helped to enter into the virtual currency, NFTs gaming industry in no time. Apart from this, there are no hidden charges that are mostly deducted by the other competitive platforms.

AlKOM prizes and tokens

The players playing games can win prizes of worth $3k, $2k, $1k. The prizes won by the users can be exchanged with the ALKOM tokens as well. These token can be used to purchase the different gaming armours, health, points, skins and other gaming materials.

The amount won can be seen on the personal screen in the account of the user.

Feature of platform

Following are the benefits of the ALKOM platform

  • It provides entertainment in the form of gaming.

  • It provides opportunities of earning a passive income easily.

  • The platform can be used to stake, and wins NFTs, and buy AlKOM tokens as well.

  • The platform is transparent and easy to use.

  • Platform helps in the e-commerce gaming and publishing platform.

Interface of the Alpha Kombat platform

The interface of the platform is user friendly and easy to access for the beginners. All the users can easily make account and start playing games and enter into the events and other competitions easily. It is also one of the key elements in the success of the platform.


Alpha Kombat is one of the most ambitious platforms that users are waiting for the long time in the virtual currency gaming industry. The platform offers variety services to its users. It has a unique and easy interface to trade. The competent team behind this project is providing great ease and new innovations to the platform.

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