Alice Chan admits challenge playing forensic officer in new drama

19 Mar – Although she has played many challenging roles throughout her career, Alice Chan admitted that it does not make filming "Forensic Heroes IV" any easier.

The actress, who sat down with Mingpao recently, shared that the most difficult part of filming the said drama was the fact that she had to memorise a lot of terms and jargon related to the field of forensics, and to learn to use the equipment correctly as she was playing one of the Scientific Evidence Officers (SEO) in the series.

"I even went to the forensics lab to learn how to use the equipment. Your pronunciation and the way you handle the tools should not be wrong. You must appear professional and familiar with everything. This is the hardest thing of all," she said.

However, Ali said that she is thankful to be able to work with producer Mui Siu Ching again, after collaborating with the TVB producer in the 2018 drama, "Deep in the Realm of Conscience".

"The happiest thing is that the drama is bringing a very positive message. The viewers are able to see the professional side of the officers in law enforcement," she said.

(Photo Source: Alice Chan Instagram)