Ali Lee unsure of rumours that she has been frozen by TVB

23 Aug – TVB actress Ali Lee recently stated that she has no knowledge as to whether she has been frozen by TVB or not.

As reported on HK01, rumours that the actress was being given a forced hiatus sparked following the misunderstanding that occurred concerning her past social media posts, which some alleged to allude to her support of the Hong Kong independence.

Despite her subsequent clarification, it was alleged that TVB has temporarily taken her series "Death by Zero" (formerly known as "Assassins") off the schedule and that her role in "Who Wants A Baby?" will be replaced.

When asked about it, Ali said that she hasn't heard anything about her forced hiatus.

"I am still filming "Amelia's Rhapsody" right now. If I was really frozen, then I wouldn't be filming it right now," she said.

She also dismissed the idea that it had anything to do with her previous social media posts, saying that she didn't have any argument, nor did she pick a fight with anybody.

(Photo Source: Ali Lee Instagram)