Ali Lee will not return to "Big White Duel"?

17 Mar – Rumour has it that Ali Lee will not be returning for the sequel to another one of her hit series, "Big White Duel".

As reported on On CC, the actress who played the role of Dr Kennis Cheng in the 2019 series, was allegedly the only original cast member who would not be part of the sequel, which reportedly will star Kenneth Ma, Natalie Tong, and Kelly Cheung.

Rumours of Ali being frozen by TVB sparked last year, after she was accused of writing an Instagram post about the Hong Kong independence movement that had offended mainland netizens - which she denied ever did with intention.

Although both Ali and the company denied the forced hiatus, many noted that the actress has not filmed any new drama except "Amelia's Rhapsody" in 2019, while the teaser trailer of her upcoming series, "Death By Zero" had her appearing in mere seconds.

She was also absent from the sequel of her hit 2018 series, "Legal Mavericks" - with Kelly Cheung joining the cast and playing a role similar to hers, while "Who Wants a Baby?" team went on to introduce new characters played by Kenneth Ma and Eliza Sam in the second instalment instead of getting Ali and Lai Lok Yi to reprise their roles.

(Photo Source: On CC)