Ali Lee not disappointed over losing "Who Wants a Baby?"

15 Nov – Ali Lee recently stressed that she is not disappointed at all over the fact that she will not return for the sequel of her hit 2018 drama, "Who Wants a Baby?"

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who spoke about Eliza Sam being cast as the lead in the sequel, said that she believes the actress has the ability to win audiences' hearts with her performance and will bring something new to the table.

"I don't believe that people will not watch it if I am not in it. Even I am excited to watch Eliza's performance," she said.

As for her character in "Death By Zero" being relegated to a supporting role, Ali stated that she doesn't see any issue with it.

"There are a lot of characters in the drama and I wasn't in a lot of scenes. But I haven't seen the new promotional video," she said.

Although she was not disappointed about the two dramas, Ali did admit that she feel saddened about not returning to the sequel of "Legal Mavericks".

"I like my role as Never. The script is well-written and everybody was happy to cooperate. But we also have to see the development of the story and the arrangement," she said.

Asked if she ever regretted airing her political views, which many believed led to this situation, Ali said that she never realised how her feelings would affect everyone.

"I will be more careful in the future. I just want to be an actor and do my work. I don't want to be linked to other things and let politics and other issues overshadow my work," she said.

(Photo Source: Ali Lee Instagram)