Alfred Hui denies romance with Hubert Wu

10 Nov – Singer Alfred Hui recently laughed off rumours saying that there is something more to his friendship with fellow performer Hubert Wu.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who appeared at the CASH Golden Sail Music Awards, was asked about recent photos of Hubert at his apartment, to which he responded, "I just laughed when I read the news. I come prepared."

Alfred shared that the night Hubert was spotted at his house, they were playing cards together with several other friends.

When asked if there's something more between him and Hubert, Alfred responded, "I should have a normal life. There is nothing to be clarified."

As to whether his family ever asked him about his sexual orientation, he said, "They gave birth to me. They should not worry about such a thing. These kinds of rumours should just be ignored."

Alfred also stated that the rumours will not make things awkward between him and Hubert, adding that they will always be good friends.

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