Alexandra Breckenridge Clears Things Up for ‘Virgin River’ Fans Regarding Season 5 Release Date

Don't let rumors fool you, Virgin River fans. While a release date for season 5 of the hit romantic drama was recently teased on the Netflix companion site, Netflix Tudum, it turns out this isn't the correct date. On Friday, May 19, star Alexandra Breckenridge (who plays Mel Monroe) posted an Instagram Story to clear things up.

“Okay guys, I found out the real information—there was a post about September 7th, but that’s not their date, okay?” Breckenridge said in the video.

Alexandra Breckenridge/Instagram

Now, the Netflix Tudum site has been updated, and it says that season 5 of Virgin River will premiere at some point in the fall. But we don't know when exactly that might be.

In the rest of her Instagram Story, Breckenridge clarified about the September date, saying, “That’s a target date-ish, but it’s not…they don’t know. They don’t know when they’re dropping it. It would’ve come out completely different had that been the actual date, just letting you know. They don’t just drop a bomb like that. Okie dokie? Are we clear on this now?”

The This Is Us alum also posted a screenshot from the Tudum site to her Story, to confirm that there is no specific release date yet for season 5.

Alexandra Breckenridge/Instagram

While we may not have the date, there is other good news for Virgin River viewers. Turns out that the show has already been renewed for a sixth season, prior to the season 5 premiere.

Season 4 dropped in July 2022 and immediately shot to the top of Netflix's list of most-watched shows. During filming of season 5, stars like Breckenridge and her on-screen love interest Martin Henderson (AKA Jack Sheridan) gave fans behind-the-scenes teasers as they waited for more episodes.

Thank you for making things clear, Alexandra.

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