'Obscene' Alexander Wang short shorts divide opinion

Caroline Allen
The controversial shorts cost £225. [Photo: Alexander Wang]

In other clothing we never knew we needed news, Alexander Wang has brought out some very short shorts.

The denim shorts - which have been described as “obscene” on Instagram, have certainly divided opinion, not least of all because of the £225 price tag.

The high-waisted “pebbled bleach” wash shorts are described as “marathon” cut.

If social media is anything to go by, a lot of people would run a marathon just to get away from them.

They’re described by the fashion house as an item that “hits the high thigh” and in fact, they’re so short that the pockets are hanging out the bottom.

“Confused, is this for real life?” One commenter wrote, seemingly confused about whether this was a fancy dress suggestion.

“Damn, better start them squats.” Another person said.

Many people had reservations about whether these would look good on somebody who wasn’t a model, but plenty of people were prepared to own the look.

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For some, it was the £225 price tag that was off-putting. The brand is known for its higher priced items, but many people felt that for such a small amount of material, the price was a little higher than it should be.

This hasn’t stopped many people from professing their undying love for the cut-edge hem shorts. We assume they’re all from warmer locations than the UK.

“The ruffle is giving me life.” One fan said.

Amongst various other “NEED” quotes, one person also wrote: “I love these but I’d have to try them on first.”

A pragmatic approach, we like it.

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Fans of the less is more style were pretty positive this look could be re-created at home.

If you had a pair of high-waisted jeans baggy enough, you could easily cut them to re-create this look for a fraction of the price.

Thrifty social media users felt confident about making this designer look work without the designer price tag.

One popular comment admitted that while the look was “cute” they would “prefer that the inside pockets couldn’t be seen for a more minimalistic look”.

If you’re planning on trying to make these at home - that’s something to keep in mind.

Oh, and if short shorts aren’t your thing, many fashion savvy users suggested a pair of biker shorts underneath them to still give the desired effect without quite so much leg on show.

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If you’re not feeling the pebbled look, Alexander Wang is doing a very similar pair in white. The price tag is slightly higher on these at £240, but you can’t see the pockets as much against the white denim.

The verdict is still very much out on these mega short shorts, but with high-street dupes popping up, we might be looking at a new summer trend.

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