Alexa Ilacad denies rhinoplasty speculations

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

7 Apr – Alexa Ilacad has laughed off allegations that she has had rhinoplasty done on her face.

The actress first sparked rumours of a nose job after she posted a selfie where she appeared to have a scar on her nose.

After receiving a flood of messages about the supposed surgery, Ilacad turned to Instagram Story to deny it, writing, "Some of you are so funny! Sending me rude DMs [because] you think I had nose job [because] of this "scar" on my nose. You guys have to chill out!"

Ilacad explained that the said scar, particularly a small scratch on the bridge of her nose, was nothing more than a mishap that has been perpetrated by her cat.

"[Secondly], there is nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery if a person wanted to. Period," she added.

She also joked that she looked angry in the said photo because she was unhappy that her cat was not interested in the love that she was trying to show it.

It's just a cat scratch
It's just a cat scratch

(Photo Source: Alexa Ilacad Instagram, ABS-CBN News)