Alex Fong touched by his student worrying about his swim effort

Edel Matilda Victor

12 Nov – It is known that a lot of people were worried about Alex Fong when he first announced that he would be attempting a 45-km swim around Hong Kong for charity, due to the challenging nature of the effort and the fact that he is not a young swimmer anymore.

But one couldn't help but to say "aww" when the actor recently shared a sound clip of a four year-old named Kassidy - a student of his swimming academy - as she teared up worrying about him the night before his event.

When her mother asked why she was crying, she said, "Because I want Uncle Alex to be safe."

Kassidy then told her mother that she was afraid that Alex will "fall down" (sink) as he has "nothing to hold on".

When told that Alex will be fine, the little girl said that she was afraid the eagles would catch him thinking that he was a fish in the sea, inviting laughter from her mother.

Her mother then assured that Alex will be fine as he is a good swimmer and that they should cheer for him instead.

"Maybe it will be too loud," little Kassidy responded, then added that she wants to see him and make sure he will be safe.

Alex's followers on social media couldn't help but expressed delight over the clip that Alex captioned, "My heart melts". Actress Sisley Choi also left a comment, saying, "So precious."

Little Kassidy can now breathe a sigh of relief, as Alex successfully completed his swim and broke the previous record by doing so in under 11 hours.

(Photo Source: Alex Fong Instagram)