Alex Fong thankful for support towards his cause, A Drop of Life

24 Dec – After the success of his 45-km swim around the Hong Kong island, Alex Fong revealed that the A Drop of Life organisation has successfully raised over HKD10.3 million to help those in need of clean water.

As reported on Mingpao, Alex, who spoke about the initiative recently, expressed his gratitude to all 6000 people who donated to the cause.

"A lot of people expressed their support and encouraged me in person. It was because of that that the project went smoothly and completed successfully. Although I am only one man, I was not alone. Without your support, no matter how good I get, I would not be perfect," he said.

It is expected that more than a million of remote mountain dwellers will benefit from the clean water initiative.

In related news, Alex also recently visited Cambodia alongside swimmer Stephanie Au to learn more about the source of its water issues and to help in the construction of a water filtration system.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)