Alex Fong can't wait for the Lunar New Year

9 Feb – If there is one person who can't wait for the Year of the Rooster to be over, it would be Hong Kong actor Alex Fong Chung Sun.

According to Mingpao, the actor, who was filming his new web drama, "PTU" recently, shared that he has been told by several fortune tellers that the Year of the Dog will be "very good" and "less hassle" for him.

It was just last December that Alex revealed to the media how bad 2017 has been for him.

Aside from being involved in two accidents, and sustaining blisters on his head while filming the movie, "Goldbuster", Alex was also prohibited from withdrawing his money from his account by his bank, after a German satellite company, Tesat-Spacecom GMBH & Co claimed to have mistakenly deposited a sum of 1.16 million into his account.

As to the development concerning the account issue, Alex stated that the civil suit filed by the German company has been withdrawn.

"I am not unhappy, because it didn't happen at all," he said.

However, despite doing better, Alex said that he and his family will pray for their peace of mind when they visit the temple on the Lunar New Year.

(Photo Source: ST Headline)