Alessandro Michele wants men to be in touch with their feminine side

Alessandro Michele

Alessandro Michele creates clothes with the aim of helping men get in touch with their feminine side.

The creative director of Gucci overhauled male fashion when he joined the Italian house back in 2015, introducing an offbeat and genderless style for menswear.

He broke boundaries by introducing co-ed runway shows, where male and female models would walk together, but debuted his first male-only show at the Palazzo delle Scintille in Milan for his fall/winter 2020 collection last week.

Alessandro explained his decision to WWD, and while he revealed that he wanted to go back to basics to avoid getting bored, he also wanted to put men's fashion under the spotlight.

"I think menswear is even more experimental and stranger, because men are allowed less," the 48-year-old noted, before urging men to fight for their right to be "in touch with their feminine side".

"In the end, those who do so are the best, because they have no skeletons in their closets, in the sense that in the end a man is made of a very strong feminine part," he explained.

However, Alessandro insisted that being feminine "does not mean wearing a skirt", but instead refers to men being able to get in touch with their emotions.

"A man, like a woman, has been programmed and stereotyped, but in reality, the stereotype of the man is really very narrow, claustrophobic," the designer shared. "Men, I think, are much more else. They have many facets.

"Those among the most fascinating are those that have a very marked feminine side. Which does not mean wearing a skirt, but means being in contact with a certain kind of emotionality, with the sincerity of also being fragile, of having different needs."

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