Alessandra de Rossi worries for father in Italy

Heidi Hsia

24 Mar – Alessandra de Rossi recently expressed her worries over her father's situation, as he is currently in Italy during its toughest period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actress recently shared a photo of her father Luigi Schiavone, and wrote, "It's Father's Day in Italy today! My pepito, please stay locked in your home."

She also asked her followers to help her pray for Italy and for her mother Nenita who is flying from Canada back to Italy to take care of the family.

"Lord, please keep everybody safe. Thanks to everyone who had the time to pray with me! Much appreciated, may God bless us all," she wrote.

To netizen who asked why her mother would fly to Italy despite the situation in the country, de Rossi responded, "You can't prevent a mother from going back to where her husband and child are."

Italy currently records the highest rate of fatalities from COVID-19, surpassing the death toll so far registered in China.

(Photo Source: Piki Pika)