Alessandra de Rossi doesn't think she's a better actress than anyone

Heidi Hsia

21 Nov – Although she won Best Actress at the 2019 Cinema One Originals recently, Alessandra de Rossi doesn't think she is better than the other contenders when it comes to her performance.

As reported on Inquirer, the actress, who spoke about her win for her role in Victor Villanueva's "Lucid" at the event held last week, stated that it just so happens that she got the trophy instead of other nominees like Regine Velasquez or Cherie Gil.

"Sometimes you land a role that is heavier and more difficult to portray. Sometimes, you just have more exposure. It doesn't mean you're more talented than the others. It really depends on the jury," she said.

de Rossi also declined to share how many acting awards she has won throughout her career, saying that what's more important to her nowadays is to be appreciated as a filmmaker.

It is noted that the actress is currently working on her directorial effort, "Fuffy and Fream".

Asked if she would like to win Best Director in the future, she responded, "I'm not expecting that much. I'm not even sure if I would direct again after all the stress I've been through with this film."

(Photo Source: Alessandra de Rossi Instagram)