Alert: ’The Bachelor’ Finally Dropped a Bunch of New Matt James Promos

Mehera Bonner
·1-min read

From Cosmopolitan

  • ABC released a new promo poster for Matt James’s Bachelor season AND a new teaser.

  • Matt’s season debuts on January 4, FYI, but you already knew that.

Matt James’s season of The Bachelor is coming in just a few months (January 4, to be exact), and ABC is slowly but surely releasing content. Emphasis on slowly, but they fiiiinally dropped a new Thanksgiving-themed promo shoot of Matt as the Bachelor, along with the delightful pun “This Bachelor is made of husband MATTerial,” which I can only assume was written by Chris Harrison.

On top of that, we have a promo to watch over and over again, which includes a sea of contestants chanting, “MATT! MATT! MATT! MATT!” not to mention priceless moments including:

  1. a contestant rolling up in a straight-up carriage.

  2. a contestant arriving in straight-up lingerie.

  3. a contestant literally falling over, bless.

  4. shirtless Matt wandering through the woods.

  5. the term “matt-chelor.”

There’s also this extremely dramatic super-tease of the rest of Tayshia Adams’ Bachelorette season AND Matt’s Bachelor season if you’re in the mood to be extra:

As you were!

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