Alden Richards pleads for honesty in sharing travel history

Heidi Hsia

27 Mar – Following Rocco Nacino's previous plea, Alden Richards has also decided to remind everybody to be truthful when it comes to sharing their travel history with the medical frontliners.

As reported on Inquirer, the actor, who posted a video on Instagram recently, stated that it is important for everybody to be honest with their information so not to jeopardise medical workers as well as the public.

"Please disclose all your travel history or possible exposure to the virus. If you have been in contact or interacted with someone sick, someone confirmed to have COVID-19, I hope you let the authorities know immediately," he said.

Richards stressed that giving all the information needed is not only saving your life, but the lives of others as well.

"We're in this together as we face and triumph over this trying moment," he added.

It is noted that Richards' elder brother RD is also working as a nurse in California. In his interview with "24 Oras", the actor admitted that he wanted his brother to stay at home.

"He said he can't because patients will suffer. I feel for him, but he needs to do his job," said Richards.

(Photo Source: Alden Richards)