Albert Yeung showers Gillian Chung with wedding gifts

8 Feb – Gillian Chung is one lucky lady. Not only is she getting married to her handsome fiancé, she is also getting lots of presents from her boss for her upcoming wedding.

As reported on ET Today, sources revealed that EEG Chairman Albert Yeung has decided to purchase a building worth RMB 6 million as a wedding gift to the singer, along with a custom-made Dragon and Phoenix gold bangle.

Yeung also promised to bear the cost of the singer's wedding.

When asked why he is being so generous towards Gillian, the business magnate said that he is just happy that the singer, whom he treats like his own daughter, is finally getting married.

"Everyone knows how hard it was for her to get married," he added.

On the other hand, his response about Gillian's love life has drawn the ire of some the singer's fans. One fan commented, "Why is it when Edison [Chen] becomes a father, everybody gave him their blessings, but Gillian was not treated equally? The society is really cruel towards women."

(Photo source: ET Today)