AKB48 member Kashiwagi Yuki suspected of having a spinal cord tumour

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Variety shows are very common in Japan, but the odds of being diagnosed with a disease on-air is few and far between. AKB48 member Kashiwagi Yuki was diagnosed with a suspected spinal cord tumour after appearing on a Japanese variety show. The 29-year-old then decided to go for treatment so that she can continue her idol career.

On the program Clinic Where You Can Meet The Doctor (主治医が見つかる診療所), Kashiwagi’s X-Rays showed a darker mass in her spinal cord, and the attending doctor revealed that a tumour could be present. It is an illness that affects 1 in 100,000 people.

When asked if it is related to carpal tunnel syndrome, which the singer is suffering from, the doctor shared that it could be a resulting effect. Kashiwagi had also shared that she felt numbness in her left hand and left foot during the show.

Due to her career as an AKB48 member, Kashiwagi is constantly dancing and being on the move. The doctor shared that it could worsen her condition and urged the 29-year-old to seek a specialist doctor as soon as possible.

After the show was broadcasted, Kashiwagi took to her YouTube channel to update her fans regarding the diagnosis. The singer shared that when the doctor on the variety show told her how rare the disease is, her first reaction was “Me?!” in disbelief.

Since the show’s recording, Kashiwagi had gone for further check-ups at the hospital and shared that they are undergoing additional scans to understand her condition better. She also let on that they had managed to catch the illness in its early stage, which is good news, and it was all thanks to the variety show and the doctor that was present.

(PHOTO: YouTube screenshot)
Kashiwagi Yuki. (PHOTO: YouTube screenshot)

Even though she had a busy schedule in May, with two concerts that took place on 22 and 23 May, Kashiwagi let on that she had not felt sick and was, in fact, very energised. “I hope to get well soon, and I still want to be an idol,” she said in the video.

Putting her fans’ uneasy feelings to ease, the singer once again reassured that she still feels very energetic and is actively going through treatments now. “Be it AKB48, my solo works, or this YouTube channel, please continue to support me,” she added.

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