Aishah: Pray for me, I don't want to be intubated

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2 Sep –Singer Aishah, who has been battling COVID-19, recently expressed her worries about her own health, having seen another patient getting intubated.

On 1 September, the songstress, who shared a photo of her receiving treatment in hospital, admitted that she doesn't have the mental strength to see such a thing happening before her very eyes, adding that her oxygen level has decreased again.

"Earlier this morning, my oxygen level was at 98, but when I went to the toilet and returned to my bed, it decreased to 88, I had to wear the tube again so that it would go up to 95," she said.

Aishah also requests for fans and family to pray for her health, saying that she doesn't want to end up being intubated.

The singer asks her fans to pray for her
The singer asks her fans to pray for her

"I'm scared. I still have a lot of responsibilities to my family that haven't been completed. I have my kids and a lot of things to do. I wish for your prayers. Please forgive me for all my wrongdoings," she added.

Friends including Nora and Nurul took to the comments to give their support, with the latter writing, "Being strong is the only choice. A lot of people are praying for you. But you have to remind yourself. Not today. Not tomorrow. You are going to [be] healthy and strong. Your body is strong. They are fighters and fighting for you. InsyaAllah."

Aishah was rushed to Hospital Ampang following a decrease in her oxygen level due to her asthma. She was tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday, 29 August following symptoms that include fever and breathlessness.

It was just last month that singer Siti Sarah, who was diagnosed with COVID-19, succumbed to her condition, after being intubated following a surgery to save her fourth child.

Aishah has to remain strong for her family
Aishah has to remain strong for her family

(Photo Source: Aishah Instagram)

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