Aimee Chan trusts husband to never cheat on her

25 Apr – If there is one thing that Aimee Chan is certain of, it would be that husband Moses Chan would never cheat on her.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who spoke to the media recently, laughed was asked about her own marriage in the wake of Andy Hui's cheating scandal with TVB actress Jacqueline Wong.

"Yes, if there is one person who would seduce him, it would be me. I always treat my husband like a boyfriend," she said.

Aimee stated that she and Moses trust each other very much and are always honest with one another.

"I am not worried at all when he is out socialising, because I would usually go out with him as well. People would always invite us both," she said.

The actress also revealed that they had just recently taken a trip to Ko Samui to celebrate her birthday.

(Photo Source: Aimee Chan Instagram)