Aimee Chan to bring children home to Canada

15 Jul – After successfully flying home to Canada with her three kids last year, Aimee Chan revealed that she will be doing it again this year.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at a charity event recently, shared that she has been busy packing her luggage for her trip, which she will go with her three children sans husband Moses Chan.

"It is 16 hours of flight. I hope they will be good. I tried it last year, but this year, Camilla is already a big girl so I would like to walk around," she said.

When asked how long she will stay, Aimee said that she will be there for a month like she did last year.

"I only return to my parents' home once a year. A month is actually quite a short period of time. The children enjoy the outdoor and the farmland experience in Canada," she said.

When asked if Moses is okay being left alone, Aimee laughed and said that with her not being at home with the children, it is already considered a holiday for her husband.

On the other hand, the actress said that she plans to bring her children to charity events in the future when they are big enough to understand things.

"When I was young in Canada, my parents always took me to do volunteer work. I hope that they will be able to enjoy it too," she said.

(Photo Source: Aimee Chan Instagram)